"I am an Artist.
That is my legacy.
You are a rapist. This is how the world will remember you."

Jennifer Wheatley 1988

David Cordle, Sr 2010

Facing My Rapist
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    One Voice Raised: A Triumph over Rape

    is a true crime assault book written by Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf
    Chief Investigator, David H. Cordle, Sr.
    tells how David Cordle was able to solve this cold case rape 20 years after the crime was committed.

    Important Update

    Since publication of One Voice Raised, 2 more victims have been linked through DNA to serial rapist, William Joseph Trice.
    *May 31, 1987 in Montgomery County, Maryland.
    *August, 1988 in Silver Springs, Maryland

    "It brings peace of mind to Trice's victims to know their attacker has been caught and convicted.
    The importance of entering cold-case evidence into the national data-base can not be stressed enough."
    Early in the morning of August 21, 1988, in Annapolis, Maryland, an unknown assailant climbed onto the balcony to the open door of Jennifer Wheatley's home, crept down the stairs, entered her first floor bedroom, and waited for her in the dark. As he grabbed her and pulled something tight around her throat, she was sure her life was over.

    " I never saw the face of the man who raped me. There was little evidence left behind. In 1988, technology wasn't advanced enough to be of much help. It took 20 years to solve this crime. However, during this time my attacker continued to rape and assault."


    "The book was superb, the insight unsettling and gift to the human spirit, priceless. I hope that your experience through your book can and will be seen as a beacon for frightened and battered women, as well as men and children who have been subjected to similar events."
    Jim D


    Rape victim, investigator release book about 21- year odyssey
    Message is about rape victims reclaiming their lives, she says

    January 21, 2012
    By Andrea F. Siegel, The Baltimore Sun

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    "Great story and great read about being empowered - not victimized - by rape."
    S. Loschiavo

    "I couldn't put it down! I'm still trying to process my thoughts and feelings - my head is spinning! "wow."
    Jackie W

    Convicted Rapist
    William Joseph Trice

    Click the photo above to read the opening chapter.

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